Doctor Who Soundtrack Volume 2 Track Requests

By Mark
When we found out the excellent news that a 2nd Doctor Who Soundtrack was to be released. The Post can be found here. I asked for the public's ideas on some tracks they would like to feature. I got many responses back and would like to thank those who emailed me.
There were very good ideas sent in that I would really like to see on the album.
Here's what some viewers of the site requested ( All the requests I received) ;

Gallifrey ( The Music playing in "The Sound Of Drums" where we see the Gallifrey citadel)

The Ending Theme (The BBC National Orchestra's music composed for credits) although not instead of the album/title version.

"The Angel Put the Devil in Me" (Tallulah , 3 L's and a H's song in the theatre, "Daleks In Manhattan).

"Waltz Scene Music" ( The scene where John Smith and Joan danced to the waltz, the music played then, "Human Nature".

Martha's Theme (Constantly in Series 3)

The Master's Cremation Music ( "Last Of The Timelords" when The Doctor cremates the Master.)

Thanks for all your requests, you never know Murray Gold might be viewing this and decide to put them on, I doubt it though.
There might be music from all series so far on the album, so music from all the series are appreciated. They might include the one's they missed on volume 1 from series 1 or 2 and add some new one's from Series 3.
Any more requests or ideas? If so comment on this post or send them here. They will be posted if you want them to be. Thank you in advance.
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