Doctor Who Soundtrack Volume 2

By Mark
Just earlier today we found out that a Doctor Who Video Game is going to be released, Click Here for more information. Now we have found out of another exciting product to be released later this year, The Doctor Who Soundtrack Volume 2.

Murray Gold confirmed this album will be out in November and that he has recorded a new theme tune for "Voyage of the Damned".

Personally I would like to see on the album;
The Skasis Paradigm music (School Reunion , Series 2)
Martha's Theme ( Series 3)
The Master's Theme (Utopia, The Sound Of Drums, The Last Of The Timelords, Series 3)
The Recurring Series 3 action music (Series 3)

There will probably be music from all series so far, putting music they didn't add onto Volume 1.
What would you like to see on there?
Please comment on the post with the music you would like to see or email the ideas here.
I Can't wait for The Doctor Who Soundtrack Volume 2 out in November and can't wait to hear the new theme tune for "Voyage Of The Damned"
The Doctor Who Soundtrack Volume 1 was great and Volume 2 will be a definite buy for me.

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