Christmas Characters?

By Mark
Clive Swift and Geoffrey Palmer are rumoured to appear in the next episode of Doctor Who, the hour long Christmas special "The Voyage Of The Damned".

Clive Swift who previously appeared in the classic series of Doctor Who as "Jobel" will be joining David Tennant and Kylie Minogue aboard the Titanic, if the rumours that came from The Jewish Telegraph are true. Clive is well known for appearing in "Keeping Up Appearances".

Geoffrey Palmer is rumoured to play the Captain of the Titanic. Geoffrey is well known for appearing in "As Time Goes By". This rumour comes from The Sun.

I wonder if these rumours are true?
Only time will tell.
Thanks to Bad Wolf PR for the information.

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  1. cpotey 13 July 2007 at 17:13
    it is all the characters in doctor who manias section on voyage of the damned is true!

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