David in "Learners"

By Mark

David Tennant (The Doctor) and Jessica Hynes (Nurse Joan from "Human Nature") appear in a new BBC Program called "Learners".

Here is what DavidTennant.com have to say;

Bev (Jessica Hynes) is a downtrodden wife who’s failed her driving test eight times. Desperate to pass, she feels frustrated by her husband Ian’s (Shaun Dingwall) approach in teaching her to drive. Inspired by glamorous driving school owner Fiona (Sarah Hadland), Bev is determined to succeed along with a group of other learner drivers. Chris (David Tennant), a devout Christian with the patience of a saint, is assigned as her instructor — and it’s not long before Bev develops a crush on him, despite his geeky appearance.

Also thanks to Davidtennant.com for the picture which is copyright to the BBC.

At the moment by clicking the red button on UK TVs you cant watch a clip from "Learners", make sure you watch it. Don't worry if you don't have the red button I'm sure it will be uploaded on youtube.
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Again I would like to thank Davidtennant.com for the information in this post.

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