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By Mark
Image Made by me for Doctor Who Weekend. I changed the words in the UKTV Logo to Who-Ktv. Image copyright to Tardis and Torchwood Treasures.

It is Doctor Who Weekend on UKTV Gold this weekend with many episodes showing from the new series and old series.

Here is what's on;

Saturday (Today)

An Unearthly Child (Pilot) 8am-8.35am
The Chase (Eps 1 & 5) 8.35am-9.40am
Inferno (Eps 1 & 7) 9.40am-10.40am
The Caves of Androzani (Full Story) 10.40am-12.40am
The Curse of Fenric (Full Story) 12.40am-2.30pm
The Three Doctors (Full Story) 2.30pm-4.25pm
The Deadly Assassin (Full Story) 4.25pm-6pm
Rose (Full Story) 6pm-7pm
The Empty Child (Full Story) 7pm-8pm
The Doctor Dances (Full Story) 8pm-9pm

Sunday (Tomorrow)

The Chase (Ep 5) 8am-8.30am
The Two Doctors (Full Story) 8.30am-11.20am
Attack of the Cybermen (Full Story) 11.20am-1.15pm
Doctor Who - The Movie 1.15pm-3pm
Rose (Full Story) 3pm-4pm
Parting of the Ways (Full Story) 4pm-5pm
New Earth (Full Story) 5pm-6pm
School Reunion (Full Story) 6pm-7pm
Army of Ghosts (Full Story) 7pm-8pm
Doomsday (Full story) 8pm-9pm

Well if you have not seen some of the classic series it is a great time to watch them. Enjoy Doctor Who Weekend , I will enjoy it.

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