The Master and his gadget

By Mark
Thanks to Cpotey from Doctor Who Mania Here are some exciting pictures of The Master (Harold Saxon) and his gadget;

Harold Saxon (The Master) with his wife holding his gadget up. The Master's Gadget in Use.
The Masters Gadget is called the Tissue Compression Eliminator. Underneath I have wrote some information on the Tissue Compression Eliminator and what it does. I have invisotexted it because of spoilers. Highlight to see;
The Master's weapon of choice is the Tissue Compression Eliminator, which shrinks its target, killing them in the process. Its appearance is similar to that of the Doctor's favourite tool, the sonic screwdriver. Both the Tissue Compression Eliminator and the sonic screwdriver resemble a short hand-held rod; at different times in the series, both tools have had an LED light on the end to signal its use. As an additional signal to its use, the ball-like shape on the end of the Tissue Compression Eliminator opens up, while the LED lights up (in later appearances it also fired a beam of red light).
Thanks To Wikipedia for the information
I'm pretty sure the gadget he has in the pictures is the Tissue Compression Eliminator.
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