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Below is an interview from "Heat" Magazine. The Interview is with John Barrowman so as you can expect it will be funny and flirtatious (In a good way). I must warn you younger readers there may be rude parts and there is a swear word , sorry. Thanks Carly from Torchwood-Doctor Who for the interview.

Here it is;

You're back in Doctor Who, as Captain Jack Harkness. How do you like it?
Love it! Jacks really part of the Who family and these last episodes are incredible. You learn some jaw dropping stuff about Jack and the Doctor. The last episode is possibly one of the most spectacular Doctor Who finales you've ever seen.

This is the first time you're worked with David Tennant. Did you get along well?
We'd socialised prior to e returning to Doctor Who. David, his girlfriend, Scott [ John's partner]and i went to a Madonna concert. So he and i already had a nice rapport. David's a lot happier than Christopher Eccleston, who was a little....quieter, shall we say. He did slightly less smiling. I'm sure he's in a happier place now. I don't change for anybody and perhaps Chris didn't know how to handle me. But David and i both have a silly Scotsman inside of us, so we get along extremely well.

Which Doctor do you fancy most: Chris or David?
Aww, come on ! I don't care if you're gay or straight: when you work with a fellow actor, you have to find something attractive about them. Chris looked like a moody U boat captain, so that was kind of a turn-on. Davids funny which is sexier than moody.

Last time, you snogged the Doctor and Rose. Will you be locking lips with David or Freema Agyeman this time around?
You'll have to wait and see. But the answer is Yes! I'm not telling you which one, though.

There's confusion about your nationality. American, Scottish, Canadian....What are you?
I'm gay! [Laughs] was born in Scotland and lived there till i was eight. Then i was raised in the US. I came back to the UK in 1989 to study Shakespeare and got a job in the West End opposite Elaine Paige in the show Anything Goes. So I'm British - that's why i can work here.

As a judge on Any Dream Will Do, did you want Lee to win?
I was torn between Lee and Keith. It was a great honour to help choose a new leading man for the West End. Guys like Lee will eventually fill my shoes, because I'll start playing the older characters.

Having also judged on Making your mind up, were you surprised when Scooch failed to make their Eurovision mark?
No. The British public chose them, John Barrowman didn't! If Europe didn't like Scooch, the fuck'em - that's their problem.

Have you got a funny Doctor Who story?
In one scene with David, i had my balls hanging out my trousers. I didn't tell him, opened my coat and there they were. Needless to say, the words he used were quite controversial.We probably won't see that on the DVD, then.

Do you have a contract stating your balls will be shown?
No, i have a contract which states my balls will always be revealed at some point during a filming season. It doesn't matter who to!

If you played the Doctor, what kind of sidekick would you like?
I'd like two. A really hot chick with big boobs, and a really hot guy with a big packet.

Have you ever tried to steal props or costumes from the Who or Torchwood sets?
No. But if i did do you think I'd frickin' tell you? Jacks original leather trousers were my own, so one day i'll auction them for charity.

Will you wash them first?
No. Whoever buys them can clone me, using a pube!

That interview was hilarious and very flirtatious. John Barrowman, you're a star!
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