By Mark
BBC's Official Doctor Who Site are running a poll for all you whovians out there. Just which is the scariest monster? Vote here ;


With the new series of Doctor Who almost upon us, we wanted to find out which alien menace has scared you the most since the series returned.
Could it be the Daleks? The Cybermen perhaps? Maybe the Ood send shivers down your spine? Or do you run for your mummy when the Empty Child appears?
These are the options to vote for;
The Autons / Nestenes
The Robot Spiders
The Moxx Of Balhoon
The Gelth
The Unquiet Dead
The Family Slitheen
The Space Pig
The Daleks
The Jagrafess
The Reapers
The Empty Child / Zombies
Anne Droid
Trine-E And Zu-Zannah
The Sycorax
The Robot Santas
The Sisters Of Plenitude
The Hospital Zombies
The Werewolf
The Krillitanes
The Clockwork Droids
The Cybermen
The Wire
The Ood
The Beast
The Abzorbaloff
The Scribble Monster
Chloe's Dad
The Empress Of Racnoss

I would appreciate it if you would vote in the comment section saying your scariest as well thank you! Are You My Mummy? Exterminate! Delete!

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  1. Anonymous 22 March 2007 at 15:59
    The Empty Child / Zombies. there was only 2 but i had to pick one so i chose this one!

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