David's Comic Relief!

By Mark
David Tennant appeared on Comic Relief on Friday 16th March. Hilarious clips such as him in the Catherine Tate Show were shown. The Video's are posted below;

David Tennant In The Catherine Tate Show (Hilarious)

David Tennant stars as Lauren's (Am I Bovvered girl) teacher. I couldn't stop laughing at this sketch and still can't!

I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)

In this video David Tennant can be seen dancing in the background. And yes, in a kilt. This is a popular traditional song and can i just say i love it. The song was originally sung by The Proclaimers but has been sung by Andy Pimpkin (Matt Lucas) (Little Britain)and Brian Potter (Peter Kay) (Phoenix Nights) and as they are both disabled they sing roll 500 miles instead of walk 500 miles.
Thanks to joejvictor and rachael14 from youtube for the videos.

David Tennant also had a short and i mean very short interview and the only question was;
"How Are You David?"
"Fine Thanks" David replied
That Was It. I will post the short video interview as i find it. For Now Guys Bye. Enjoy the videos. Please comment on the videos underneath. Thanks.

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