Who's Launch?!?!

By Mark
Prepare for a Doctor Who Media frenzy as tonight sees the Series Three Press Launch.

Members of the Cast, Crew and Press descended upon London's Mayfair hotel to attend the Doctor Who Series Three Press Launch which kicks off at 7:00pm.

David Tennant and Freema Agyeman will be there as well as Russell T. Davies and one or two other familiar faces.

I remember last year, I was sitting down eating my breakfast,the day after the press launch, when all new clips appeared on GMTV in the morning. I was so excited, so tomorrow I intend to do the same thing.

Tomorrow sure is going to be busy with updates, so expect this site to be inundated with posts. Can't wait, I'm so excited

The Picture above is the new BBC doctor who's web front cover and thanks to www.freemaageyman.com for the picture. The BBC's picture moves aswell!

If this doesn't get you excited for tomorrows news i dont know what will!


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