The Doctor Who DVD Files Launches In Australia

By Mark
GE Fabbri have recently launched The Doctor Who DVD Files in Australia and the first issue of the magazine is now available for purchase in all good Australian newsagent stores. It was released yesterday and further issues of the magazine will be released every fortnight like they are in both the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Doctor Who DVD Files is a partwork magazine that comes free with two episodes of Doctor Who on DVD every issue. Episodes will feature on the DVDs in chronological order starting from 'Rose', the programme's first episode since its revival in 2005, and the magazine will bring you many behind the scenes facts and character profiles. You can view more information about the magazine's first issue here and visit the official website for The Doctor Who DVD Files here. The eighteenth issue of the magazine was released in the United Kingdom yesterday and more details about that can be found here in a previous post. What do you think of this news?

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  1. Anonymous 21 September 2009 at 03:34
    Don't buy it in Australia. Here's why:
    1st issue: $5
    2nd issue: $10
    3rd issue onwards: $20

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