Torchwood Children of Earth Day Three Trailers

By Mark
After last night's transmission of the second episode of Torchwood series three, a next time trailer for the third episode was shown. The next time trailer has an approximate running time of thirty six seconds and it features many new clips that haven't previously been seen before. It can be viewed here but please be aware that it contains spoilers for those who are yet to see the first two parts of Children of Earth. The BBC are also currently airing a different trailer for the episode on their channels and you can view that trailer here. It is approximately twenty seconds long and again, please note that it contains spoilers if you haven't yet watched the first two episodes of the series. Day Three, the third episode of Torchwood's third series, will premiere in the United Kingdom tonight at 9pm on BBC One. It will then air in Australia tomorrow and it's set for transmission in America and Canada on the twenty second of July following the series premiere on the twentieth of July. What do you think of these two trailers for third part of Children of Earth?

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