Doctor Who Adventures: Scary Angels

By Mark
Starting two weeks ago, the Daily Mirror launched an offer and are currently giving away special collector's editions of Doctor Who Adventures free with their papers every Saturday for the next three weeks. The offer continued today with the third special collector's edition, Scary Angels, and each mini magazine consists of many fun filled pages. This week's special issue takes a look at the Weeping Angels, features many activity puzzles and much more. There will be a total of six of these special collector's issues and the next one will be available in next Saturday's edition of the Daily Mirror. Next week's special collector's edition of Doctor Who Adventures will take a look at the Sontarans and more information about it will be posted here on this site on its day of release. You can view more information about the first two of these special editions of Doctor Who Adventures which come free with copies of The Daily Mirror here and here in previous posts. Will you be buying a copy of today's Daily Mirror?

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  1. Square Eyes 27 June 2009 at 20:14
    i didnt know about these mags cool
  2. a64 28 June 2009 at 16:51
    What next? Ood? Judoon? Slitheen? The Master?

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