Torchwood: In the Shadows

By Mark
BBC Audio have recently released some information regarding an upcoming exclusive audio adventure for the Torchwood team. The story will be titled 'In the Shadows' and it will be written by Joseph Lidster who has previously written television episodes for both Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures as well as last year's special Torchwood radio adventure 'Lost Souls'. Eve Myles, who plays Gwen Cooper in Torchwood, will be the narrator of the story and it's official synopsis can be viewed below;

A man has died of old age in his 30s. This, among other strange events, has lead Torchwood to conclude that someone is sending victims to another dimension, one in which they are punished by the thing which they fear the most. Who is the mysterious taxi driver preying on his passengers?

In the Shadows will be set before the events of the Torchwood series two finale and feature the characters; Jack, Gwen, Ianto, Owen and Toshiko. It is scheduled for release on the seventh of May and it will go on sale at an RRP of £12.72. Torchwood will return for its third series later this year with five special one hour long episodes. The mini series will be titled 'Children of Earth' and you can view a trailer for the series along with more information here in a previous post. Will you be buying this story on CD when it's released later this year?

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