Planet of the Dead's Official Ratings

By Mark
The final ratings for Planet of the Dead, the latest episode of Doctor Who, have recently been released by BARB and we now know that the episode was watched by a total of 9.54 million people. An additional 200,000 viewers also watched the programme on BBC HD and this is the channel's highest figure ever achieved in it's history so far. These ratings are significantly higher than the overnight figures it received which said that the episode was watched by 8.41 million people. Planet of the Dead was the fifth most watched programme of the week it aired and we also now know that the Sunday repeat of the episode on BBC Three was officially viewed by a total of 0.91 million people. An episode guide for Planet of the Dead will hopefully be posted in our episode guides section soon and in other site news, this site's hit counter has now reached over half a million hits since it was set up so I'd like to thank everyone who has ever visited this site for their constant support. What do you think of Planet of the Dead's official ratings?

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  1. Rhys 23 April 2009 at 23:33
    I'm not goona lie. This episode was surprisely good, No wonder the ratings were good. 10/10. I like the layout Mark for the site, By The Way. Anyway have a good one. :).
  2. Ruth 24 April 2009 at 00:20
    I can't wait until these specials air in the US!

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