Planet of the Dead Press Coverage

By Mark
With Doctor Who returning to our screens this Saturday for the one-off Easter special 'Planet of the Dead', many TV listing magazines have recently interviewed members of the episode's cast and included previews of the episode in their latest issues. Three television listing magazines have also used their front covers to promote Planet of the Dead's transmission and you can view images of these three magazine's front covers above. Inside the Radio Times, there is an exclusive interview with both David Tennant and Michelle Ryan as well as a four page preview of Planet of the Dead. Total TV Guide also have exclusive interviews with David Tennant and Michelle Ryan and like with the Radio Times, a preview for this Saturday's episode of Doctor Who is also included inside the magazine. Many other TV listing magazines also feature articles about Planet of the Dead and another example is TV & Satellite Week who have also conducted a new and exclusive interview with David Tennant.

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  1. Combom 9 April 2009 at 17:52

    radio times 6 pages of scans here

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