The Ood Return For This Year's Second Special

By Mark
The Ood, a race of aliens that have previously appeared in both the second and fourth series of Doctor Who, have recently been spotted on set of filming for this year's second special episode of Doctor Who. Filming has recently been taking place in Newport and many images of David Tennant, Lindsay Duncan, the Ood and a new kind of robot have now surfaced online. Most of these images have been posted on the Doctor Who forum here as well as on Life, Doctor Who & Combom here. Some images from filming will also hopefully be posted here on this site later this week. Are you glad that the Ood will be returning for this year's second special episode of Doctor Who?

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  1. Collin Kelley 2 March 2009 at 18:47
    I love the Ood and was delighted to see one of them pop up in some of the photos and videos people have taken from the set. Now if only someone will spot Catherine Tate. I just won't be happy until Donna comes back.

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