Comic Relief - Funny For Money - Tonight

By Mark
The picture above was made by me.
Today, the thirteenth of March, is Red Nose Day and many performances, both comedic and musical, will take place tonight to help raise money for Comic Relief. Comic Relief is a charity that was set up in 1985 to help those in poverty and it has managed to raise over £600 million since it started twenty four years ago. Tonight will see this year's official Comic Relief telethon take place and the event will be transmitted live on BBC One for more than eight hours. It will start at 7pm on BBC One and then take a break at 10pm for the BBC News. While the break is occurring, a special Comic Relief edition of Top of the Pops will broadcast on BBC Two and it will finish at 10:35pm which is when the official telethon will begin on BBC One again. The telethon will then continue transmitting on BBC One until 3:05am where a final total of the night's money raised will be calculated. David Tennant will be presenting the first hour of this year's event alongside Davina McCall and the presenters will change on an regular basis. A specially recorded episode of the Sarah Jane Adventures will also be shown tonight as part of the telethon and it's expected to air in between 7pm and 8pm so make sure you don't miss it. You can view more information about Comic Relief and find out how you can help here on the official Red Nose Day website. All money raised will go to a fantastic cause so if you can, please take the time to donate some money. Even the littlest amount of money can change someone's life in a very big way and it's never too late as money is collected in all year round. Will you be watching any of the Comic Relief telethon tonight?

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