The Next Doctor DVD Details

By Mark
Thanks to Doctor Who Online for the above image.
This year's Doctor Who Christmas special, The Next Doctor, is scheduled for release on DVD in January next year and a draft image of the DVD's cover has recently become available online. The cover may change when the DVD hits the shelves as some finalisations or changes may be made. According to various sources, the DVD will be released on the nineteenth of January and go on sale at an RRP of £15.99. It is listed online here and is rumoured to feature Doctor Who at the Proms as an extra. The Next Doctor will air for the first time on the twenty fifth of December at 6pm on BBC One and more information about the episode's DVD will be posted as soon as it becomes available. What do you think of the DVD's draft cover?

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  1. Collin Kelley 10 December 2008 at 17:23
    I'll wait for the boxed set. I wonder if they'll collect all the "specials" into a boxed set at the end of 2009 or wait and put them on the fifth series box. Hmmm...
  2. Zobles 10 December 2008 at 22:04
    I think I will just buy this DVD because there could be a long wait til a boxset, which or course I will get as well! I like the cover.

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