Einstein and Eddington Trailer

By Mark
Thanks to David-Tennant.com for the above image.
A new trailer for Einstein and Eddington, an upcoming TV movie starring David Tennant, is now broadcasting on various different BBC channels. The trailer is about thirty seconds long, features many different clips and can be viewed below;

Einstein and Eddington will air on the twenty second of November at 9:10pm on BBC Two. David will play the character Arthur Eddington and a press release for the film can be viewed here in a previous post. Will you be watching Einstein and Eddington when it airs?

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  1. Zobles 15 November 2008 at 16:55
    That trail looks good.
  2. Alex 15 November 2008 at 18:39
    Although I do like Science this isn't my cup of tea. But I will watch the first episode to see if I could et into it.
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