Doctor Who Series Four Soundtrack - Track List

By Mark
Silva Screen Records have recently sent this site, Tardis and Torchwood Treasures, the track list for their upcoming Doctor Who fourth series soundtrack. The soundtrack will consist of twenty seven tracks including the slightly revamped Doctor Who series four theme tune and closing credits. You can view the full track list below;

1. Doctor Who Season Four Opening Credits (0:46)
2. A Noble Girl About Town (2:14)
3. Life Among the Distant Stars (2:30)
4. Corridors and Fire Escapes (1:12)
5. The Sybilline Sisterhood (1:53)
6. Songs of Captivity and Freedom (4:03)
7. UNIT Rocks (1:11)
8. The Doctor's Daughter (1:38)
9. The Source (3:21)
10. The Unicorn and the Wasp (3:11)
11. The Doctor's Theme Season Four (2:47)
12. Voyage of the Damned Suite (10:21)
13. The Girl With No Name (2:45)
14. The Song of Song (2:14)
15. All in the Mind (1:18)
16. Silence In The Library (2:57)
17. The Greatest Story Never Told (6:17)
18. Midnight (3:07)
19. Turn Left (2:20)
20. A Dazzling End (2:22)
21. The Rueful Fate of Donna Noble (2:44)
22. Davros (2:07)
23. The Dark and Endless Dalek Night (3:44)
24. A Pressing Need to Save the World (4:55)
25. Hanging On The Tablaphone (1:07)
26. Song of Freedom (2:51)
27. Doctor Who Season Four Closing Credits (1:07)

The Doctor Who series four soundtrack will be released by Silva Screen on the seventeenth of November and go on sale at an RRP of £9.99. It will be the third Doctor Who soundtrack for the new series and will join the recently released Torchwood soundtrack on the shelves. You can view the cover for the CD in full here in a previous post.

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  1. Zobles 20 October 2008 at 12:36
    They all sound cool.
  2. patrick 21 October 2008 at 04:45
    Can't wait, especially looking forward to The Doctors Theme and A Dazzling End, i loved that sequence when Rose was explaining to Donna about the circle or mirrors. Great post

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