The Sarah Jane Adventures Series Two Press Pack

By Mark
A press pack for the second series of The Sarah Jane Adventures was recently released by the BBC and includes the synopses for the first four episodes. It also includes information about the main characters and broadcast dates for each of the episodes. You can view the synopses for the episodes below but please be aware that they do contain spoilers regarding the plot;

The Last Sontaran
By Phil Ford, Directed By Joss Agnew

Part One - Reports of strange lights around the Tycho Radio Telescope lead Sarah Jane, Luke, Clyde and Maria into a terrifying forest encounter – and Sarah Jane comes face to face with her oldest enemy. Meanwhile Maria wrestles with a huge decision when her dad is offered a new job in America.

Part Two - Sarah Jane and the gang have only 40 minutes to save Earth as Sontaran Commander Kaagh plots to bring the world's orbiting satellites crashing down on nuclear installations across the world. And Maria's Mum finally gets to the truth from Alan – but will they be in time to save Maria?

The Day Of The Clown
By Phil Ford, Directed By Michael Kerrigan

Part One - New girl in Bannerman Road, Rani Chandra, is being haunted by a sinister clown – does it have anything to do with the local children that have gone missing? When Clyde's friend disappears the trail leads them to a strange circus museum – and the legend of the Pied Piper!

Part Two - Sarah Jane's investigation into Spellman and Odd Bob the Clown takes her to a meteorite at the Pharos Institute. But Spellman's plot to make all of Park Vale's pupils vanish leads Sarah Jane into a confrontation with her own childhood fears in a bid to save Luke.

You can view the rest of the information here at the BBC Press Office. From the press pack we now know that the first part of The Last Sontaran will air on BBC One at 4.35pm on the twenty ninth of September and that the second part will follow on the CBBC channel at 5.15pm. It will then be shown again a week later on BBC One for viewers without the CBBC Channel. The full series will air in this format.

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  1. Brad 12 September 2008 at 07:00
    cool post. and brilliant site. i can't wait for sja series 2. keep up the great work
  2. Collin 12 September 2008 at 16:53
    So is Maria leaving the show after the first couple of episodes and being replaced by Rani?
  3. Mark 12 September 2008 at 18:48
    Thanks both of you.

    *Big Spoilers below*

    And yes Collin, she's leaving after the first story (first 2 eps) as Yasmin had to concentrate on her GCSE year when filming was taking place. I haven't mentioned it on the site as people might not want to know, it's quite a big spoiler you see ;)
  4. Zobles 12 September 2008 at 21:15
    That sounds great, SJA s2 sounds soo good so far.
  5. Axlart 13 September 2008 at 22:36
    This sounds fantastic. I’m glad the Sontarans are returning. In my honest opinion they are the only Villains reinvented that didn’t lose any of there old ability to be ruthless. Cant wait for Series two of The Sarah Jane Adventures, its going to be fantastic.

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