The Doctor Who DVD Files Update

By Mark
It has now been confirmed that the previously reported Doctor Who DVD Files magazine will launch later this year. To test it's popularity, GE Fabbri will only put the magazine on sale in the Tyne area of England to begin with and if all goes well distribute it to the whole of the United Kingdom at a later date. Their official website is now up and can be viewed here. On the website you can view pages from the first issue, take a look at covers of the upcoming DVDs and much more. The magazine itself will take a look at both the classic and new series of Doctor Who whereas the DVDs will only feature episodes from the new series. At the moment GE Fabbri, the makers of the magazine, have plans to release 28 issues.

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  1. stock market investments 3 September 2008 at 20:15
    very cool.
  2. Mark 3 September 2008 at 20:16
    I'd like to thank a visitor of the site who commented anonymously for pointing this out to me. Thanks :)
  3. Brad 3 September 2008 at 20:20
    Cool post. I can't wait to get these.
  4. adv 3 September 2008 at 21:05
    These look really good, but its a shame about the price! I'll get the first one because it's cheap, but after that, probably not, because they're just too expensive. The magazines, on the other hand, look brilliant, so it's a slight shame. And I've already got the box sets and vanilla discs, so there's not much point. Great post anyway! First to post it!
  5. Sean 4 September 2008 at 06:33
    I agree adv, I also get the vanilla discs but really think the magazine looks good. Its a great idea how you can put the pages in a binder but i only get £16 pound a month pocket money. Thats £14 for that magazine. I think I'll stick to DWM
  6. adv 4 September 2008 at 06:46
    I agree!
  7. Brad 4 September 2008 at 07:01
    I want to subscribe, depends how good they are. I will buy issue 1 and then if its good, either subscribe or buy from forbidden planet as they always have back issues of battles in time.
  8. adv 4 September 2008 at 09:52
    Good point!
  9. a64 4 September 2008 at 11:55
    Bear in mind that picture you've got only covers the first half of the videos - there's another picture!
  10. Mark 4 September 2008 at 15:05
    Thanks everyone and yeah Ax, the picture would be getting a bit big then so I decided just to use the four :)
  11. Zobles 4 September 2008 at 20:20
    Cool post this magazine looks excellent and I hope all goes well cos Ill definitely be getting it.
  12. Anonymous 4 September 2008 at 22:01
    will they continue battles in time cards?
  13. Anonymous 6 September 2008 at 11:49
    that was me who posted it. For all those out there, my question to the editor, was about asking if thye would do a magazine only version for all those like us who have the dvd's. The magazine looks awesome, but not worth 6.99, because i already have the dvd's
  14. Mark 6 September 2008 at 16:44
    Hi again anonymous, thanks for pointing it out :) I'm not sure if they would but there'd be no harm contacting GE Fabbri by email and asking. I'm sure they'd be happy to help :D
  15. Anonymous 11 September 2008 at 17:19
    It look excellent but a bit of a rip off
  16. Anonymous 22 January 2009 at 11:39
    i have subscribed i only get £20 pocet money but for these dvd files and DWA i think its worth it cuz i love doctor who and david tennant NO 1 FAN p.s for those who dont know there is a doctor who exabition on in glassgow in march the 4th bee there if u can xxxx
  17. Anonymous 23 April 2009 at 06:12
    I live in Australia and I subscribed because it's impossible to get any good DW things down here! 2 sets get delivered every 4 weeks which is a bit of a long wait but I really like the magazine. I've got all the boxsets and all but I still reckon they look pretty cool in the case. You get a folder, dividers, the case and probably more further on, not to forget 'The Five Doctors' episodse which comes free with number 5. It's a shame for the pricing but I still think it's worth it. It's Doctor Who so it's gotta be good! :)

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