1000th Post Special

By Mark
The picture above was made by me.
Hello and welcome to the 1000th post on Tardis and Torchwood Treasures. This site started on the fourteenth of February 2007 and has since been updated on a daily basis. There were two days however when I unfortunately couldn't update the site as my computer had to be taken in to be fixed. I'd like to thank all of you for visiting the site and for all the kind comments each and everyone one of you has made. I will continue updating the site with posts and I hope you all enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy making them. Once again, thanks for all your support and if you ever want to contact me to suggest improvements or leave comments about the site in general then feel free to sign our site guestbook here.

14 comments so far.

  1. Robit 19 September 2008 at 20:41
    Congradulations Mark Brilliant Site And Congrats On Youe 1000th Post lol
  2. Patar 19 September 2008 at 21:06
    OMG OMG 1000th POST???? THATS IMPOSSIBLE!!!anyway, gratz! best wishes 4 the future of TATT. =D
  3. Brad 19 September 2008 at 21:06
    Congratulations Mark on Post 1000! That's a big achievement! This was the site that made me want to make a Blogger. Keep up the fantastic work!
  4. Zobles 19 September 2008 at 21:08
    Congratulations on ur 1000th post Mark, this site is excellent and I hope to see it continue into the far future!
  5. adv 19 September 2008 at 21:31
    Fabulous work, extreme congrats are in order. But do you ever go on holiday? How can you update the site then?
  6. Liam 20 September 2008 at 13:26
    Fantastic news! Congratulations! Well done! And thank you so much for keeping me supplied with essential Who information. :D
    Keep it up!
  7. Luke 20 September 2008 at 14:06
    congratulations on your 1000th post :D This site was probably the first blog site I kept coming back to, you always keep it up to date. It's a great site XD
  8. Axlart 20 September 2008 at 15:00
    Fantastic Image and Post. This a great a number for someone like you to reach, The dedication you put into Tardis and Torchwood Treasures is just amazing. This site is just fantastic, one of the best. I visit daily and well, to be honest can you blame me? Tardis and Torchwood Treasures is legendry. I hope that you never become tired of running Tardis and Torchwood Treasures, your viewers never will. Good luck on getting to post 2000 now ;).
  9. laura 20 September 2008 at 15:30
    Congrats on your 100th post!
    This is a great site and I'm glad you made it =]
    I love reading your posts =D
  10. adv 20 September 2008 at 16:52
  11. Collin 20 September 2008 at 18:17
    Congrats, Mark! You are the best source for DW, TW and SJA news out there. You've become a must-read for me everyday. Keep up the good work!

  12. Brad 20 September 2008 at 19:27
    Brilliant pic! Keep this great site up Mark!
  13. drwhomad 21 September 2008 at 08:01
    fab pick. and congrats on 100th post. you were the one that made me make a blog.

    Doctor Who Fans
  14. crmhpfan 23 September 2008 at 11:51
    CONGRATULATIONS MARK! 1000 posts is a HUGE achievement, you should be very proud. Keep up the great work, it's totally worth it.

    crmhpfan :D

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