Torchwood's Audio Adventure Lost Souls

By Mark
The picture above was made by me.
A synopsis for the upcoming Torchwood audio adventure, Lost Souls, has now been released by the BBC. The episode will take place after the events of Exit Wounds and will feature Captain Jack, Gwen, Ianto and Martha. It will broadcast on BBC Radio 4 next month and the synopsis can be viewed below;

"Somewhere out there in that chaos of darkness and light, of science and protons, of gods and stars and death... somewhere there's an answer."

The Torchwood Institute was founded by Queen Victoria in 1879 to protect the British Empire against the threat of alien invasion. By 2008, all that remains of the organisation is a small team based in Cardiff. And now, following the tragic deaths of two of their colleagues, the remaining three - Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones - have to protect the human race against another unknown force from the darkness.

Martha Jones, ex-time traveller and now working as a doctor for a UN task force, has been called to CERN - the world's largest particle physics laboratory in Geneva - where they're about to activate the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

The LHC is a particle accelerator which has been built deep underground in a 27km tunnel under Switzerland and France. Once activated, the collider will fire beams of protons together, recreating conditions a billionth of a second after the Big Bang - and potentially allowing the human race a greater insight into what the Universe is made of.

But so much could go wrong - it could open a gateway to a parallel dimension, or create a black hole - and now voices from the past are calling out to people and scientists have started to disappear...

Where have the missing scientists gone? What is the secret of the glowing man? What is lurking in the underground tunnel? And do the dead ever really stay dead?

Lost Souls is written by Joseph Lidster who wrote A Day in the Death for the second series of Torchwood and will air on the 10th September at 2:15pm on BBC Radio 4. Lucy Montgomery and Stephen Critchlow will star in the episode alongside John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Gareth David-Lloyd and Freema Agyeman. What do you think of the synospis for Lost Souls?
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  1. Axlart 8 August 2008 at 20:43
    Cool Post and Picture. Good to see Torchwood is returning even if its in a similar fashion to how Doctor Who returned last month in the Proms. Looks like Fans will have to wait to listen to the Audio Adventure seeing as it is on in the middle of week. Hopefully the rumours of it being released the day after are true as I can listen to it after. Joseph Lidster is a fantastic writer. A Day in the Death was one of my favourites episodes.
  2. Anonymous 8 August 2008 at 20:45
    Great Post! Gald It's Back. Freema is in it as well. Geat image, must have taken you for ever. Shows that you are dedicated. lol
  3. Brad 8 August 2008 at 21:53
    love the picture. I'm can't wait till this. cool post.
  4. Collin 8 August 2008 at 23:46
    Sounds like a cracking adventure. Too bad it's not an episode of the series! I'll try to remember to tune in and listen online.
  5. Anonymous 9 August 2008 at 09:58
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  6. Anonymous 9 August 2008 at 09:58
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  7. Anonymous 9 August 2008 at 09:58
    day in the death was disappointing so i hope this is better.anything torchwood and im in!
  8. Anonymous 9 August 2008 at 09:58
    woops pressedit lots of times sorry
  9. Zobles 9 August 2008 at 12:25
    Cool post Aand image - its really good. Cant wait for Lost Souls it sounds great. Keep up the good work.
  10. That's MIZZ Gypsy To You! 10 August 2008 at 00:59
    I'm looking forward to this, hoping it'll be on the BBC Radio website so we in the US can hear it. I do have a quibble (minor) with the blurb.

    By 2008, all that remains of the organisation is a small team based in Cardiff.

    What about the weird guy in Scotland and has everyone really given up on finding Torchwood 4?

    I'm just askin...
  11. Mark 10 August 2008 at 10:19
    Hiya that's mizz gypsy to you, I read the synopsis and have to agree that's probably just a mistake in the synospis. It's the official one and they sometimes make mistakes. As for Torchwood four, I'm not sure but they may find it one day. Welcome to the site by the way and thanks for visiting :D

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