Dalek Pop-up Model Kit

By Mark
Penguin Books have now revealed the cover and released information about the upcoming Dalek Pop-up Model Kit. The book is the third of new series model kits and the official synopsis for it can be seen below;

This model kit is so amazing, it seems that it's from another dimension!This work features a stunning paper-engineered 3D model of a Dalek, that is designed to be made without the need for scissors or glue.

Set for release on the twenty fifth of September, the book will contain 16 pages and go on sale at an RRP of £12.99. You can find out about previous Doctor Who model kit books here. Will you be buying the Dalek pop-up model kit?

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  1. Zobles 24 August 2008 at 22:18
    Cool post this looks cool but I doubt I will get it.
  2. Axlart 24 August 2008 at 22:23
    Cool Post. This looks good but Its not my kind of thing really.
  3. drwhomad 25 August 2008 at 03:26
    cool but not really my thing
  4. ADrian 27 August 2008 at 01:46
    Looks to be considerable overlap (haha) with the dalek from their Dr Who book.

  5. msspurlock 2 October 2008 at 02:41
    Any idea how big this thing is when assembled?
    "Giant" means different things to different people.

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