Classic Doctor Who DVDs Update

By Mark
BBC DVD recently revealed the covers for two upcoming classic Doctor Who DVD releases; The War Machines and Four to Doomsday. The War Machines stars William Hartnell as the 1st Doctor and will be released on the twenty fifth of August replacing Trial of a Time Lord. Trial of a Time Lord will now be released a month later on the twenty ninth of September instead. Peter Davison stars as the 5th Doctor in Four to Doomsday which will be released on the fifteenth of September at an RRP of £19.99. You can find more information about these classic DVD releases here and here on Doctor Who Hideout. Will you be buying these DVDs when they are released?
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  1. Daniel 10 August 2008 at 19:14
    Cool post nice covers
  2. Axlart 10 August 2008 at 19:22
    Cool Post. These covers looks fantastic after most recent releases being red its good to see a green cover. Peter Davison has to be my second favourite Doctor but according to most fans “Four to Doomsday” isn’t one of his best episodes. So many fans dislike William Hartnell yet I think he is a good Doctor. Dalek Invasion of Earth is a fantastic William Hartnell episode. Thank you for the links ;).
  3. Zobles 10 August 2008 at 23:21
    Cool post, the DVDs look and sound cool, I may get these when they are released. Keep up the good work.

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