John Barrowman: The Making of Me

By Mark
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The Making of Me is a three part series exploring what makes people how they are, is it nature or nurture? The first episode of the series airs tonight and focuses on John Barrowman. John will undergo a series of tests for the show to try and find out the cause, if there is one, of his sexuality. Here is what the BBC have to say about tonight's episode of the show;

John Barrowman embarks on a journey of self-discovery to find out the truth about his sexuality. John is a successful actor, musical performer, dancer, singer and TV presenter. For as long as he has been aware of his sexuality, John has been convinced that he was born gay and firmly believes that homosexuality is not a choice. But did nature really mould him or did nurture have a part to play?

John undertakes a series of tests including a DNA examination that is compared with his straight brother's, and he takes to the streets of LA to try out a theory that the origin of homosexuality is linked to events in the womb that may affect the foetus.

Throughout the programme, as well as picking up clues from psychologists and scientists, John also meets some celebrities and extraordinary people who help shed light on the origins of their traits.

The Making of Me was filmed in America and will air tonight at 9pm on BBC One. In an interview with the Radio Times, John Barrowman recommended viewing for everyone especially if you're a parent with a gay child, a gay child who hasn't yet spoken to your parents or a straight person who doesn't like gay people as it might change your perception. Will you be watching The Making of Me tonight?
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  1. Daniel 24 July 2008 at 19:49
    Great post and lovely image of mr Barrowman there.
    I cant wait to watch it in.... 10 minutes XD
    Enjoy everyone! *winks*
  2. Vassilator 24 July 2008 at 19:58
    I'll watch it and see what it's like. It'll probably be quite interesting!
  3. Vassilator 24 July 2008 at 21:03
    That was pretty good!
  4. BradKibbler 25 July 2008 at 13:17
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  5. Axlart 25 July 2008 at 15:04
    Cool Image. I didnt watch this show with John Barrowman. Nothing against him, he is a great actor, I just didnt have time to watch it.
  6. Zobles 26 July 2008 at 19:34
    Great post and image, I missed that.

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