Doctor Who Adventures #74

By Mark
The 74th issue of Doctor Who Adventures was released yesterday and is now on sale in all good newsagents across the United Kingdom at the price of £2.10. This week's issue comes free with a monster stationary set and takes a look at The Doctor's secret army. Here is what BBC Magazines have to say about the issue;

Vote for your favourite Doctor Who story! What was your favourite Doctor Who episode this year? Doctor Who Adventures wants to know! In this week’s issue of Doctor Who Adventures you can vote for your favourite story from the latest series of Doctor Who. Also, meet the Doctor’s secret army – and find out about the Children of Time in a fact file about the Doctor’s friends. The issue comes with a free monster stationery set! Plus;
• Three brilliant posters: Rose and the TARDIS, Silence in the Library, Dalek Caan.
• Tales from the TARDIS: A trip to the Shadow Proclamation.
• Potato people: Jackie Tyler gets the spud treatment.
• Quiz: How much do you know about the Cybermen?
• Who’s where?: Find pieces of the Osterhagen Key aboard the Crucible!
• Secrets: Discover more about the Time Beetle on Donna’s back.
• Dalek designs: We announce the winner of our hugely popular design a brand-new Dalek competition.
• Doctor's Data: Peck the bubbling Hath.
• Comic strip: The Doctor and Donna arrive in London in the 1950s…
• Time Teasers: Scrambled Donna and Time Line!
• Wovenwordsearch!: Find the missing word and win a great Doctor Who CD.
• Win: Loads on offer!
• Subscription offer: Subscribe and you’ll get a free Doctor Who –Creatures and Demons book!
• Find out... How to become a Time Agent.
All this and loads more!

I got my copy of this issue on Wednesday, if you want your copy make sure you buy it before next Thursday when the next issue of Doctor Who Adventures, issue 75, will be released. Doctor Who Adventures #75 will come free with a Dalek sketch pad, some colouring pencils and a sheet of stickers. Will you be buying the seventy fourth issue of Doctor Who Adventures?
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  1. Daniel 25 July 2008 at 15:15
    great post the cover looks gd n the mag sounds great. Wont be getting as usual sadly :( lol
  2. BradKibbler 25 July 2008 at 15:15
    Cool post. this issue sounds great! thanks for posting
  3. Axlart 25 July 2008 at 15:34
    Great Post. I got my copy yesterday with Doctor Who Magazine. Bit strange giving out a Stationery set at the start of the Summer Holidays. But, more stickers D: Why?
  4. Zobles 26 July 2008 at 19:36
    I got that this week, its good, dont really like the cover compared to last weeks. This site is soo good!
  5. Zoe 31 July 2008 at 16:59
    I get this magazine everyweek.
    It's great ;] Thanks for posting..
    Hi Mark by the way!
  6. Mark 1 August 2008 at 18:39
    Hiya Zoe, welcome to the site :) Thanks for your nice comment :D

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