Forest of the Dead Next Time Trailer

By Mark
After last night's fantastic episode of Doctor Who, Silence in the Library, a trailer for Forest of the Dead was shown. Forest of the Dead is the ninth episode of Doctor Who Series 4 and is the second part of a two parter, the events will continue from last night's episode. The trailer for the episode can be seen below;

Forest of the Dead is written by Steven Moffatt and will air on Saturday at 7pm on BBC One. In other news overnight ratings for Silence in the Library have now been released and according to the figures the episode was watched by 5.4 million people. Official figures for this episode will be released in 10 days time.
What do you think of the trailer?
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  1. Daniel R. P. 1 June 2008 at 13:36
    awesome post LOVE THE PIC! next week looks BRILLIANT!
  2. Axlart 1 June 2008 at 13:37
    First off, Silence in the Library was a Great Episode. It felt very Classic Doctor Who to me. I Personally Can't wait for Forest of the Dead, King Moffat never lets us Viewers down with his Stories.

    Great Picture, Shame Silence in the Library got such a Low set of Ratings for what has been the best Episode this Series. I hope the Final Figures just reach the Seven Million Mark. The Trailer is Great, this Site is great to Mark, Keep it up.
  3. Bad Wolf 1 June 2008 at 20:24
    i cant wait to see the concluding part of this tale and to hopefully find out who exactly river song is

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