Doctor Who Series 4 Volume 1 DVD Released

By Mark
The first volume of Doctor Who Series 4 was released on DVD today at an RRP of £17.99. The DVD features Partners in Crime, The Fires of Pompeii and Planet of the Ood which are the first three episodes of Doctor Who Series 4. No extras feature on the DVD, they will be on the Doctor Who Series 4 Boxset which is scheduled for release later this year. Expected for release on the 7th July, the second volume for the series will feature The Sontaran Stratagem, The Poison Sky, The Doctor's Daughter and The Unicorn and the Wasp. Will you be buying this DVD?
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  1. Axlart 2 June 2008 at 15:29
    That Cover, is Great. Shame I dont buy the Single Release of Doctor Who (Did in 2005) Im going to wait for the Super Cool Boxset in November (I think it is out then).
  2. Daniel R. P. 2 June 2008 at 15:36
    Great post great cover looks awesome but I get boxsets.
  3. Anonymous 2 June 2008 at 15:48
    it's £11.97 in Sainsburys i've got it.
  4. Bad Wolf 2 June 2008 at 16:02
    cool i like the cover but im gona try and make my self wait for the box unlike previous years
  5. Mark 2 June 2008 at 16:11
    Yeah I love the cover too but will be waiting for the boxset, even if it's a long wait its better in the end. £11.97 is a good price Anonymous, I've just noted the RRP down which is £17.99 in the post. Thanks for commenting and visiting the site :D
  6. Anonymous 3 June 2008 at 05:19
    yeah, I would get it but it's a waste of money if I can get the box set instead.
  7. Anonymous 3 June 2008 at 05:24
    I always get it at christmas (cos my bdays in October it comes out in November and then in December it's christmas!)and so I can relive my favourite moments of the previous series and then at 7 I watch the new christmas special.

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