The Fires Of Pompeii Next Time Trailer

By Mark
After Saturday's fantastic episode of Doctor Who, Partners in Crime, a trailer for “The Fires of Pompeii” was shown. The Fires of Pompeii is written by James Moran and will be shown on BBC One next Saturday. You can watch the next time trailer for the episode below;

Most of this episode was actually filmed in Rome itself, in the Cinecitta studios. On next week’s Doctor Who Confidential David Tennant will give us a tour around Pompeii and up Mount Vesuvius. In other news the first episode of Doctor Who - The Commentaries aired last night on BBC Radio 7 at 6:30pm.
What do you think of The Fires of Pompeii trailer?
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4 comments so far.

  1. Rhys 7 April 2008 at 13:54
    The trailer was awesome, Can't wait for this episode. :).
  2. Daniel R Paul 7 April 2008 at 15:39
    Awesome trailer, can't wait!
  3. badwolfpr 7 April 2008 at 16:04
    nice the trailer looks awesum
  4. Axlart 7 April 2008 at 16:11
    Great Trailer. TFoP Looks Great.

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