Doctor Who Magazine #395

By Mark
We have now recieved the cover and details for the 395th issue of Doctor Who Magazine. This issue features an exclusive interview with Georgia Moffett, a chat with David Tennant and the cast of The Sontaran Stratagem, previews of episodes six to nine and much more. Here is what Panini Magazines have to say;

It's all out war in Doctor Who Magazine #395! David Tennant and the cast of the latest Doctor Who adventure discuss the war-loving, potato-headed, baddies in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine... “Sontarans are great,” beams David, while sitting on a deck chair, and watching a troop of Sontarans march across the Doctor Who set. “I think that’s partly because they come from a very specific world. That back story gives them a great context. Robert Holmes didn’t just create a race, back in the 1970s: he created a world that they came from. Even if you never saw that planet, you understood why they did what they did.” Also;
• An exclusive interview with Georgia Moffett on what it’s like being the Doctor’s Daughter.
• Previews of the next four episodes of Series Four – The Doctor’s Daughter, The Unicorn and the Wasp and Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead – featuring new and previously unpublished photos!
• Russell T Davies reveals all about Partners in Crime’s top secret scene in Production Notes.
• There’s a crisis in the Caribbean as Donna makes her comic strip d├ębut in Part One of The Widow’s Curse.
DWM visits Rome and reveals the true story of how a disaster was created, in an exclusive report on the making of The Fires of Pompeii – featuring interviews with actor Francois Pandolfo and writer James Moran.
• Rose returns? Missing planets?! Vanishing bees?!? What can it all mean? We look at the clues...
• What are Ood, but a reflection of ourselves? Find out as we go behind-the-scenes on the Ood-sphere and talk to the cast and crew of Planet of the Ood, including Keith Temple, Tim McInnerny, Paul Kasey and Adrian Rawlins.
• Actress Louise Jameson tells what it was really like to work with Tom Baker in Doctor Who...
• The Time Team discover if Karfel is really as awful as its reputation, as they watch Timelash.
• Plus all the latest news, exclusive photos, reviews, previews, competitions and even more!

Doctor Who Magazine #395 will be released on the 1st May in all good newsagents across the United Kingdom at the price of £3.99. In other news John Barrowman hosted "This Morning" today and will possibly be hosting it for the rest of the week too. Will you be buying Doctor Who Magazine #395?
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  1. Anonymous 29 April 2008 at 19:46
    awesum the cover is brill and the mag sounds good
  2. Axlart 30 April 2008 at 16:33
    Fantastic Cover! Cant Wait to Come Home Tomorrow after a Long Day at School and Read it.

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