Partners In Crime at 6:20pm

By Mark
We now know the actual time that Doctor Who Series 4 will start and it's a bit earlier than the usual 7pm slot. On the 5th April the first episode of the series, Partners In Crime, will be shown on BBC One at 6:20pm, Doctor Who Confidential will follow at 7:05pm on BBC Three. At the moment it is unknown whether 6:20pm will become the usual slot but more will be posted on that as we get it. It has also been announced that BBC Four will be screening the Verity Lambert Tribute Night on the 5th April.
What do you think about Doctor Who's earlier start?
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4 comments so far.

  1. Bad Wolf 27 March 2008 at 11:39
    nice cant wait for series 4
  2. a64 27 March 2008 at 19:57
    The Doctor and Donna in that pic look like they're saying "Noo! Give us that 7PM timeslot!" ;):D
  3. Collin 27 March 2008 at 20:27
    Are they doing that so more kids can watch?
  4. raxacoricofallapatorius 28 March 2008 at 11:27
    Well that's stupid!

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