Triple Torchwood Tonight

By Mark
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Two episodes of Torchwood and one episode of Torchwood Decalssified will air tonight. "Reset" will be broadcast for the first time on the BBC2 channel tonight at 9pm and "Dead Man Walking", a new episode that both digital and non digital viewers haven't seen, will air at 10pm tonight. Here is tonight and tomorrow's Torchwood schedule;

Wednesday 20th February
Torchwood "Reset" - 9pm - BBC2
Torchwood Declassified (Reset) - 9:50pm - BBC2
Torchwood "Dead Man Walking" - 10pm - BBC3

Thursday 21st February
Torchwood "Reset" (Pre-watershed version) - 7pm - BBC2
Torchwood Declassified (Reset) - 7:50pm - BBC2

The episode of Torchwood Declassifed that is shown tonight will also be shown tomorrow at 7:50pm, after the pre-watershed version of "Reset". After last week's cliffhanger in "Reset" I really can't wait to see "Dead Man Walking".
When will you be watching Torchwood?
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  1. Bad Wolf 21 February 2008 at 07:18
    nice i watched dead man walking and it was a cool episode but also a strange episode. ill need a second viewing next week.
  2. Collin 23 February 2008 at 02:46
    Just watched Dead Man Walking. It was a bit disorienting the way it was filmed and edited. I wondered when the second glove was going to turn up, since Ianto said last season "they come in pairs." Martha Jones fits so seamlessly into the team that she should become a full-fledged cast member for series three.

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