Tennant and Tate's Chain Reaction

By Mark
David Tennant will be interviewed by Catherine Tate in a new series of the radio show “Chain Reaction” tonight. “Chain Reaction” can be heard on BBC Radio 4 every Thursday and seeing as David Tennant is being interviewed today he will become the interviewer next week. The half an hour long program will air tonight at 6:30pm on BBC Radio 4. Here is the BBC's Press Release for Chain Reaction;

BBC Radio 4's talk show with a twist returns with a new series. It is tag-team interviewing with some of the brightest stars of the entertainment field. Recorded in front of an audience, Chain Reaction dispenses with the formality of a regular host, and last week's interviewee becomes this week's interviewer instead. Catherine Tate kicks off the chain in an interview with David Tennant. The following week, David Tennant interviews Richard Wilson. Richard then interviews Arabella Weir and, in the final week, Arabella interviews Paul Whitehouse. The interviews focus on the life, career and passions of the interviewee but often prove to be as revealing about the interviewer. They also bring insights that listeners won't have heard before because of the unexpected questions that could only be asked by a peer. Each interviewer also brings to the show their own unique style and each pairing has its own rapport which makes the whole series varied and exciting.

Richard Wilson, seen in Doctor Who “The Empty Child” as Doctor Constantine, will be the next guest to be interviewed and the week after that Arabella Weir, who David Tennant once lodged with, will be interviewed. It sounds like a very interesting radio show and don’t worry if you miss the show because it will be available on the “Listen again” feature on the BBC website for the next seven days after broadcast. Also don’t forget the pre-watershed version of “Reset” and ten minute long Torchwood Declassified will be shown tonight, more can be found out about that here.
Will you be listening to “Chain Reaction”?
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  1. Bad Wolf 21 February 2008 at 17:33
    nice looks good
  2. Anonymous 21 February 2008 at 17:53
    Cool Post :D Might Listen if I have Time. (Its Ax by the Way)

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