Torchwood Meet Captain John

By Mark
A new video clip from "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang", some new pictures and a new behind the scenes video of the Torchwood Series 2 press launch have all been added to the BBC Torchwood Website. To start with seven images, one of which can be seen above, have been added to the Torchwood download section, to view the the new wallpapers click here. Captain John Hart meets the Torchwood team in the new video available to watch on the the BBC Torchwood website here or below;

A slightly different version of the above video can also be viewed here. Another video has also been added to the Torchwood site, the video goes behind the scenes at the Torchwood press launch and can be watched here. There's now only 5 days to go till Torchwood hits our screens on Wednesday and with their being a recent press launch you can expect Torchwood to appear in the press quite a lot over upcoming days.
What do you think of the new videos and pictures?
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  1. Bad Wolf PR 11 January 2008 at 21:38
    awesome love the trailers cant wait for series 2.

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