The Doctor's Fob Watch

By Mark
Character Options have revealed an image of their next Doctor Who gadget/toy to hit the shops. The fob watch, seen in both "Human Nature" and "Utopia", is expected to be available for purchase either later this month or early February at the price of RRP of £14.99. Here is what Character Options have to say about the fob watch;

When the Doctor had to turn himself human to avoid the Family of Blood, he placed his Time Lord consciousness and true physiology inside a small ornate fob watch, which he then kept nearby at all times while he lived the life of school teacher John Smith. Although he had no memory of ever being the Doctor, and thought of himself as truly human, when the watch was opened, all the real 'Doctor' flooded back into him, turning him once more into the Time Lord he actually was. The Doctor's oldest, bitterest enemy, the Master - another Time Lord - also had a fob watch and after escaping the devastation of the Great Time War, he too created a human persona for himself - the kindly professor Yana. When he opened his fob watch however, the Master was back, ready to take on the Doctor and threaten the very existence of the universe.This fully working fob watch has detailed engraving on the case and features speech, light & sound FX and watch chain. Requires 4 x LR44 batteries, included.

Not only will the fob watch work as a gadget, with sound and light effects, but it will also tell the time like a normal pocket watch would. This is a definite buy for me and I can't wait to get my hands on one. Are you going to buy one and reveal your inner Time Lord?
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  1. dalek94 12 January 2008 at 15:28
    i can't wait to get one of these, i think i will get one for my little brthers birthday aswell he'l love it.
  2. Bad Wolf PR 12 January 2008 at 15:39
    nice the outside of it looks brill just like in the show
  3. Collin 14 January 2008 at 03:03
    Very cool toy.

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