Torchwood "Meat" Synopsis

By Mark
The synopsis for the fourth episode of Torchwood Series 2, "Meat", has now been revealed by the BBC Press Office . "Meat" will air on BBC2 at 9pm on Wednesday 6th February. You can read the synopsis below but please be aware there are some spoilers.

Gwen's fiancé, Rhys, discovers the truth about Torchwood and becomes part of the team as they investigate a mysterious alien-meat supply, in this week's instalment of the award-winning drama created by Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies. With Rhys in increasing danger, Gwen is under pressure as never before. Will Rhys go too far? Will Captain Jack ask too much of him? And can Torchwood save the alien from being used as cheap meat?

This episode sounds great and it's going to interesting to see how Rhys reacts to discovering the truth about Torchwood. In trailers that have aired already we've seen a few moments where Gwen and Rhys enter the hub on the Lift and when Rhys says "Aliens ... In Cardiff?" to Gwen. What do you think of the synopsis for "Meat"?
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  1. Bad Wolf PR 20 January 2008 at 11:17
    nice this looks brill
  2. Gaz 20 January 2008 at 15:57
    This sounds great! I cannot wait to watch it! But we better not get to excited, we don't want the series to flash by.

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