Future Doctor Who Companions?

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Various different websites are reporting that apparently two actresses, who have both already filmed for Doctor Who Series 4, are on a list of possible Doctor Who Companions for a later series of the show. The two actresses are; Georgia Moffet, daughter of the 5th Doctor Peter Davison, and Felicity Jones who is soon to appear in the Agatha Christie episode. Here is what Digital Spy have to say;

Moffet's casting for a key part in the upcoming fourth season was announced in December, but the Daily Star claims that she may become a regular in the Tardis for the fifth season in 2010
However, according to the report she will have to fend off a challenge from 23-year-old actress Felicity Jones for the coveted companion role. "Several names are in the frame," a source told the tabloid, "but Georgia and Felicity are currently on top of the shortlist - both have their merits."

Georgia originally auditioned for a role in Gareth Roberts' Agatha Christie episode but the production team were so impressed by hear audition that she was offered a much more exciting part in a different episode of Doctor Who Series 4. Georgia also auditioned for the role of Rose Tyler for the first series of Doctor Who but the part went to Billie Piper. What do you think of this news?
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  1. Collin 6 January 2008 at 02:43
    Can the Doctor never have any male companions anymore? Or at least pair up a guy and a girl...like Adric and Nissa back in the day?

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