Manchester Exhibition's Final Day

By Mark
Picture above was made by me.
The Doctor Who Exhibition in Manchester will close tomorrow, tomorrow is your last day to see all the great creatures and costumes from the world of Doctor Who in the Manchester Museum Of Science and Industry. The exhibition which opened on the 31st March was originally going to close in November 2007 but seeing as it was so popular it was extended to the 6th January 2008. Here is what the museum's acting director had to say;

"Doctor Who has been a fantastic success for the museum and for Manchester. It's attracted thousands of people into the city from all over the country and has put us on the map for Doctor Who fans worldwide.
"Science fiction can be a great way for children to get inspired about science, and the exhibition is a fascinating window into the special effects department of the BBC.
"Most of our visitors stay to look at MOSI's other galleries and visit other attractions in Manchester."

Over the past few months new props have been added into the museum from Doctor Who Series 3 including a weeping angel, a showgirl, a pig slave, a carrionite, a judoon, the lazarus machine and much more. According to various sources some Voyage Of The Damned props were added to the exhibition on the 27th December including the actual dress that Kylie Minogue wore in the episode. I will be visiting the museum again tomorrow, will you?
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