Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

By Mark
There are four more exciting pieces of news to post today about Torchwood , a new press release has been put up on the Torchwood site, two new promotional pictures have been released (which you will see in the post), the episode title of Torchwood Series 2 Episode 1 has been announced and the BBC Torchwood site is soon to have a massive update. All of these pieces of news will be covered In great detail below. To start with here is the latest Torchwood Series Two press release;
Torchwood bursts back on our screens in mid January, this time premiering on BBC Two. And this time it's bigger and bolder with more fun, adventure and excitement for the alien-fighting team.
Captain Jack Harness (John Barrowman), Gwen (Eve Myles), Owen (Burn Gorman), Toshiko (Naoko Mori) and Ianto (Gareth Lloyd-Davies) return as the investigators delving into the alien underworld of modern day Cardiff.
In response to audience demand, younger fans will now have the opportunity of watching a specially edited pre-watershed repeat.
Roly Keating, Controller BBC TWO, says: "We're delighted that Torchwood is joining BBC TWO. We know from the success and popularity of Heroes that there's a growing appetite for smart, high-quality, sci-fi drama on the channel so Torchwood is a perfect fit.'
"I'm also pleased to announce that, due to popular demand from families and younger viewers, we will be showing a special pre-watershed repeat so everyone can enjoy the new series."
Making a special guest appearance in the first episode is James Marsters as Captain John, who starred as Spike, the punk-goth vampire in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel. He and Captain Jack go way back and have "history". When he appears through the Rift under Cardiff looking for Captain Jack not only does he disrupt Captain Jack's homecoming but also the whole team, city and world are suddenly placed in danger.
The new series promises an exhilarating mixture of adventure, heartbreak, humour and surprise and pushes the team's resolve and friendships as never before.
Firmly rooted in urban life of 21st century Cardiff, Torchwood's investigations into alien activity give the team glimpses of the 51st Century and World War One. They encounter alien sleeper cells; save a stranded creature from human exploitation; meet a tragic soldier from World War One and encounter a memory thief who exposes long forgotten secrets among the entire team.
During the run Alan Dale (Ugly Betty, The O.C, Lost and The West Wing) makes a star appearance. Another familiar face among the special guest stars is Doctor Who's companion Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) who appears half way through the series. Richard Briers, Nerys Hughes and Ruth Jones (Gavin and Stacey) also appear in various roles.
Russell T Davies says: "This series pushes the Torchwood team further than ever before. They are joined by some incredible guest stars who are really going to cause waves. It's adventurous, thrilling and packed full of surprises."
Torchwood, which was shot in HD and will also be shown on the BBC HD channel, is filmed in and around Cardiff by BBC Wales.
BBC Wales Controller Menna Richards says: "The first series of Torchwood was a huge hit with audiences. We're extremely proud that it's produced in Wales.
"And its success is a reflection of the huge wealth of talent and creativity that exists here.
"We're delighted that it's returning to our screens for another series full of action, humour and excitement."

In other news we now know the first episode title for the second series of Torchwood; the first episode is called “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang”. John Barrowman will play Captain Jack Harkness and James Marsters will play Captain John Hart.
Finally the BBC Torchwood Site has been updated with a new layout and the site now has a news section. A lot more features including a Torchwood online game and over 50 behind the scenes videos will also be added to site very soon.
It’s great to see that a pre-watershed version of the series, without sex and strong scenes of violence, will be shown for families and younger fans of the Torchwood team.
What are your opinions on the latest Torchwood news?
Do you like the two new Torchwood Series Two promotional pictures?
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  1. An Opened Door ( 4 December 2007 at 20:59
    It's great that torchwood is on bb2 because that gives others the chance to watch it, also the promotional pictures look great. However this new pre-watershed thing sounds like a terrible idea because this means that torchwood will be losing its meaning. Torchwood is a show aimed at an older audience not kids. This still means that the kids that watch torchwood will still not get what torchwood is as much as myself and others that will be watching the full on, un edited version. So basically i think this pre-watershed is a completely terrible idea. Kids can't have everything they want. They should have faced the facts that Torchwood is something they weren't going to be able to see.

    Right rant over...
  2. Anonymous 6 December 2007 at 21:06
    Oh my gosh you're so unfair adults watch all three series and kids don't so you shut up you selfish brat
  3. Anonymous 3 January 2008 at 19:39
    totally agree with you i'm just a kid myself well a teenager so what? adults are selfish idiots i'm a huge fan of torchwood and watched every single episode it's on late so i record it. I DO GET TORCHWOOD AND OTHER KIDS DO TO!!!!
  4. Anonymous 3 January 2008 at 19:44
  5. freakshow 6 January 2008 at 14:20
    yay torchwood is back. john barrowman is so smexy. cant wait. the pre-watershed thing sounds alright, although i think i'll be watching the un censord version. ;)

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