"Hey Kids, Did You Miss Me?"

By Mark
Captain Jack Harkness will return in an exciting new series of adventures in January next year. The length of the new Torchwood series two trailer is one minute long, the trailer was first seen yesterday and features clips of the Torchwood team, new monsters and much more. You can watch the trailer below;

About twenty seconds into the trailer we see a short clip of a Weevil followed by a fluttering insect type monster. This means that the Weevil will be returning in series two however they may only have a small role in the episode and not be the main enemies.
In other news, behind door number 20 on the Doctor Who Adventure Calendar is a Voyage Of The Damned episode guide which you can view here. On the episode guide you can access a new video clip of The Doctor and Astrid.
What do you think of the trailer?
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