Kylie A Doctor Who Regular?

By Mark
According to PR-Inside, Kylie Minogue has expressed her interest in becoming a regular cast member of Doctor Who. Kylie will make her Doctor Who debut playing Astrid in the Christmas special "Voyage Of The Damned".
Here is what Kylie is quoted as saying;

"It’s not up to me but I know there has been talk that my character could be reintroduced at a later date. We’ll have to wait and see."I’ve always been a fan of Doctor Who and when you think how long it’s been running, it is a series that is a unique piece of television history."

As you may know, Kylie's latest single is called "Two Hearts" and we all know that our favourite Time Lord, The Doctor has two hearts. If Kylie became The Doctor's companion in a later series, I'm sure that the viewing figures for Doctor Who would rise seeing as Kylie has her own huge fanbase just like Doctor Who does.
Would you like Kylie to become a Doctor Who regular?
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  1. claire aka torchwoodangel 10 November 2007 at 18:22
    cant wait to see Kylie as "astrid" in the xmas ep. Since its another anagram (ie of tardis) Ive read that in some bizarre way she actually becomes part of the Tardis itself- so if thats somehow true then I guess she has been, and will be in many more eps! LOL

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