Doctor Who Series Three Boxset Update

By Mark
The Doctor Who Series 3 Boxset, which was released in the UK last Monday, will be released in New Zealand on the 5th December. This is of course great news for all whovians from New Zealand. Yesterday I found an Easter egg (Hidden Feature) on Disc 4 of the Doctor Who Series Three Boxset.
You can access this by going onto Scene Selection from the menu on Disc four. When on scene selection, go all the way to the episode Blink. After that go up from the scene images to the writing which says “Blink” then simply click on it. The feature is The Doctor Easter Egg scenes from “Blink” put together as one whole clip. It’s a really cool feature on the DVD that you won't want to miss out on.
Have you found any other Doctor Who Easter Eggs?
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P.S : Don't forget Kylie Minogue has her own chat show tonight and she may or may not reveal anything about Voyage Of The Damned". The Kylie show is on tonight on ITV1 at 9:35pm.

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  1. Collin 10 November 2007 at 23:10
    Very cool. Thanks for the tip. I started looking for easter eggs on the first disk, but nothing yet.

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