Sarah Jane Adventures Update

By Mark
The Sarah Jane Adventures BBC Website has been updated, now you can access a wallpaper of Kudlak (can be seen above) to use on your desktop. You can do this by going onto the Sarah's PC area of the site and by typing in "Talisman" in the protected files section.
Also you can download a Mr Smith screensaver and watch many videos here.

In other news Elisabeth Sladen recently took an interview with LastBroadcast where she discussed the possibility and plans for a second series of Sarah Jane Adventures. You can read the full interview here.
Here's an extract from the interview;
Question : Is there going to be a second series of The Sarah Jane adventures?
Answer : I know that they're writing it and planning it, yes, but as always with these things they've not had the green light yet, but it all looks very hopeful I think. They seem pleased with how it's done, it's such a clever format.

What do you think of the update and interview?
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