David Tennant - The Riddler?

By Mark
According to the Post Chronicle, David Tennant has expressed his interest in playing the role of a Batman baddie. Apparently he would love to play the Riddler.
Here is the article from The Post Chronicle;

Doctor Who star David Tennant wants to play a "freakish" villain in his next Tv role.
The Scottish actor, 36, admits he loved watching the original Batman series - and would relish the opportunity to torment the Caped Crusader himself.
He says, "I'd love to play the Riddler and be bad to Batman. It was so much fun to watch. I thought the Riddler was one of the most freakish of the villains, especially with that wild laugh."

It would be a big change from the character of The Doctor but I think David would make an excellent Batman baddie. He was great at being evil in Harry Potter The Goblet Of Fire playing Barty Crouch Junior. Good luck David on getting the role you want.
In other news 9th Doctor actor, Christopher Eccleston was recently interviewed by the Daily Record, in the interview he mentioned what it was like to play The Doctor. You can read the interview here.
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  1. Anonymous 13 September 2009 at 02:18
    David Tennant has the ability to be a great Riddler, unless they make him a retread of the Joker, which would be dreadful. My favorite version of the Riddler is a criminal mastermind with sloppy,sometimes amateurish outershell, very different to the cruel, physiological tester of socipath, which is the Nolan Joker.
  2. Catherine F. 6 August 2010 at 14:32
    David Tennant would make a perfect Riddler.

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