Sarah Jane Adventures Eye Of The Humans

By Mark
Viewing figures are in for the Sarah Jane Adventures episodes that was witnessed by the Eye Of The Humans, last nights episodes managed to maintain the high ratings. Both Eye Of The Gorgon Part 1 and Eye Of The Gorgon Part 2 aired last night.

Eye Of The Gorgon Part 1 which aired on BBC1 was viewed by 1.1 million people, a 10.1%
audience share.
Eye Of The Gorgon Part 2 which aired on the CBBC channel was viewed by 0.24 million people, a 15.3% audience share.

The viewing figures above are unofficial, not the official figures.
Onto other Sarah Jane Adventures news, The BBC Sarah Jane Adventures Site has also been updated with new "Eye Of The Gorgon" wallpapers. Here are links to the different ones;

Also there is a new password on protected files which is "Talisman" however no content is available at this moment in time.

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