David Tennant The Academy Interview

By Mark
Autumn's edition of the RSAMD (Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama) magazine features an in depth interview with David Tennant. David Tennant has a BA in Dramatic Studies from The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.
Here are some Doctor Who related extracts from the interview;

Q: Who inspires you?
A: I keep meeting people who inspire me - I don’t have one individual in mind. Among actors I admire are Mark Rylance who is extraordinary – his playing of Hamlet is still something that lives in my mind. He seems to channel something ethereal in his work. Billie Piper has an ability to be completely relaxed and emotionally very open so it seems like she’s not working at all and that’s very inspiring. Some people’s craft is so intricate – Maggie Smith, for example, the way she can turn a line. I’m continually surprised and inspired by the people I work with. And sometimes .

Q: Do you feel trapped by Doctor Who?
A: Not at all, the time – nine months filming – is a big commitment and it means that it’s not possible for me to do some theatre, say, in between series, but I’m having a ball, so trapped isn’t the word – it’s very humbling to be seen as part of something that people are so attached to. It’s an experience I’m delighted to have had.

Q: How difficult is it playing opposite a sci-fi type creature?
A: Well, actually you get used to it remarkably quickly. It’s not so different from being in a Shakespeare history play and having to imbue someone you just saw in the canteen that day with kingly status. It’s the same imaginative leap – the person you were talking to at the catering van that morning now has seven green tentacles on their head, or whatever. You just get on with it. I love it – it’s just like being in the playground really!

The full interview can be read here thanks to David-Tennant.com. It's an interesting interview, a good read. At the end of the interview David wishes good luck to everyone.
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