Diaries Of A Timelord: I Am The Doctor

By Mark
Doctor Who Diaries Of A Timelord: I Am The Doctor, a calendarmag all about Doctor Who, was released last week. The magazine consists of information one each incarnation of The Doctor and artwork by Pete Wallbank. Also with the magazine/book comes a Doctor Who calendar with some artwork by Pete Wallbank on each month. I got my copy last Friday and I have to say it's fantastic.

Here is a synopsis of the magazine from Doctor Who Online;

A complete full colour Pictorial Biography combining stunning Graphic Design and Fantastic Photography with a traditional biography. A Calendamag is the combination of a Graphic Biography and a 28 page 2008 Calendar gift wrapped together in an attractive set.
About the book
Respected Author John Peel writes an unauthorised biography of TV's Timelord throughout his various incarnations over the years. A fresh 1st person (or should that be regeneration) approach sees each Doctor recount his adventures.
Ideal introduction for new fans and immense fun for existing ones. Wait until you see how they explain the Peter Cushing Incarnation.. Ingenious. Also featured throughout are some terrific art spreads by Pete Wallbank.
Zone's graphic design department have created a visual feast with this beautiful, coffee table like, 132 page graphic biography. Stunning graphics and some never before seen photography make this a book that can be enjoyed as much for it's visuals as it's content.
About the Calendar
The Calendar features 13 wonderful art pieces created by renowned artist Pete Wallbank. Collected here for the first time. It opens into a portrait A3 Calendar. Beautifully designed the calendar is worth the SRP of £7.99 alone.

If you want to know about the classic Doctor's, this is a good way to find out about them and what monsters they encountered.
Will you be buying Diaries Of A Timelord? It's a good read and the calendar will look stunning on your wall next year.
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